Nos Crémants d'Alsace


Traditional method (just as in Champagne) with a second fermentation in the bottle.

This requires a long and painstaking elaboration: the grapes are hand-picked, then the first fermentation starts in centuries-old oak barrels, then the second fermentation takes place in the bottle thanks to a liqueur composed of cane sugar and active yeast: this is called “prise de mousse” which refers to the onset of pressure building up and causing the fizz in the bottle. This takes at least 12 months before disgorgement, in other words the expulsion of the yeast deposit. To this end the bottles are placed upside down so as to let the yeast deposit settle down. This deposit is then brought to freezing temperature thus solidifying into an “artificial cork” which pops out due to the pressure exerted by the carbonic gas contained in the wine. This loss of liquid is then replaced by adding liqueur (a mixture of cane sugar and wine) which, depending on the dosage, produces brut, dry or semi-dry Crémant d’Alsace. On our property we make exclusively Brut Crémants.

To be drunk within 3 years.

Serving temperature : between 6 and 8 ° C

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2 products