Family estate
since 1732

Craftsmanship in wine making has been handed down from generation to generation

for nature

We are converting to organic production

A traditional
wine cellar

We exclusively use oak barrels


Respecting vintners' traditions


Independent Vintner in Alsace

Family Winery

We have been a family of wine makers for decades. It is in Obernai that our expertise and passion have been handed down to each new generation in our winery filled with impressive oak barrels. Robert and Brigitte BLANCK with their two daugthers Valérie and Pauline run the winery. They are assisted by Bernard, Jean-Paul, Evelyne, Dominique et Martine.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment has been our motto for a long time. We started by working under the Tyflo label, then we moved on to Terra Vitis. Today we carry the High Environmental Value label.

We converted to Organic Production in early 2020.

An independent vintner

We signed the Independent Vintner chart, which bears witness to our uncompromising vine growing process. The Independent Vintner logo is the symbol of independent viticulture, with its abundance of terroirs, local climates and expertise. For the consumer, the logo is a sure sign of an authentic wine made by a passionate vintner.


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